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Michael Medved Talks with Michael Behe About “Mere Evolution”

David Klinghoffer
Photo credit: James Barker via Unsplash.

Radio host Michael Medved did a really nice interview with biochemist Michael Behe about Professor Behe’s new book, A Mousetrap for Darwin. Behe confirms he is not saying Darwin is a mouse! I like the phrase he uses, “mere evolution,” by which he means the idea that organisms descend with modifications going back to other organisms long ago. That is always conflated by Darwinists with Darwin’s theory of how evolution took place. If you want to point someone to a concise discussion of the difference, they should listen to this new ID the Future podcast with Medved and Behe.

Among Behe’s most telling points, made here, is that insofar as we can track evolution as it has happened, for example in dog breeds, it consists overwhelming of breaking genes, the degradation of biological information. You don’t build organisms that way. You only break them, which is why dogs — wonderful though they are — if released into the wild would make such poor substitutes for wolves. Download the podcast or listen to it here.