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New on YouTube: Michael Behe Unravels the Mystery of Biological Information — And the Marvel of Bones

Image source: Discovery Institute.

Join renowned biochemist Michael Behe as he explores the mystery of biological information in the newest episode of his series Secrets of the Cell, released on YouTube today. In “Information: The Foundation of Life,” Dr. Behe unravels the mystery of how information drives the development and operation of our cells, our teeth, our organs, and much more. 

The video gives special attention to what could be a new icon of intelligent design: bones. We have some 200 of them in the human body and at a casual glance the structure of one seems simple enough. Behe considers the example of a femur. There is much, much more to its growth and function than is evident from that quick glance. Says Dr. Behe, “It is immensely more complicated than you might think. In fact, many consider the femur a marvel of engineering. The coordinated three-dimensional plans clearly show foresight with an end goal of an optimized bone interconnected with an optimized system.”

The information for building a bone and placing it just where it needs to be in the body is stored in DNA. The required coding is immense in scale, as you’d expect for something so complex and critical to survival: “Fortunately your DNA can store enormous amounts of data. In fact it’s the envy of every information technologist. Nothing humans have ever designed comes close.”

The question posed by considering evolutionary theory versus its scientific alternative, intelligent design, is whether an engineering marvel like the femur could have arisen by unguided, chance-driven processes alone. As we learn more about the intricacies of biology, and of our own bodies, the answer seems clear. Be one of the first people to watch this beautiful new episode — and then be sure to share it with your family and friends!